EDIT: The deadline for workshops proposals has been extended until August 7. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the organisers by August 15th, 2018


The 1st Palaeontological Virtual Congress will be organized in a number of general theme sessions trying to span the whole variety of potential contributions. However, palaeontology is a wide discipline which encompasses a huge variety of topics. Aware of this and taking advantage of the flexibility that virtual platforms offer, workshop proposals on emerging topics, innovative techniques or any other matter that you consider of interest, are welcome to be addressed in depth during the celebration of the congress. The purpose of such workshops is to provide a comprehensive forum for the exchange of ideas and discuss the issue with specialists in the target field.

If you are interested in proposing a specific workshop, please send us a brief description (no more than 300 words) with the main goals and any additional information that you may consider relevant. Please, indicate in the proposal the full name of the organisers and their respective affiliations. Proposals should be submitted by email to palaeovc@uv.es before July 20th. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the organisers by July 25th, 2018. If your workshop is accepted, the proposed organisers will be in charge of moderating the sessions (discussion chats) and look for contributions (ideally a single workshop will require the participation of at least 10 contributions).

Please contact the organising committee (palaeovc@uv.es) for any doubt.

However, from the organising committee we propose four main blocks in which the contributions will be organised:

  • Palaeozoic
  • Mesozoic
  • Cenozoic
  • General Palaeontology
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