Moderators: Sílvia Jovells-Vaquè1 and Vicente D. Crespo2

1Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont, Spain

2Museu Valencià d’Història Natural/Museo Paleontológico de Alpuente, Spain

The main goal of this workshop is to study the evolution of the small mammals during the Neogene thorough their changes in diversity and distribution. The palaeontological concept of small mammals includes all the groups whose fossils have been extracted traditionally by wash tables; including rodents, insectivores, bats and lagomorphs among others. This group has been subject of classical studies thorough European Neogene due to the fact that their fossil record is more complete and more abundant than any other group of mammals. The study of the changes in this group is a powerful tool to understand the evolution of the continent because they reflect the Neogene prevailing environmental conditions and they also provide very useful information for the study of the biostratigraphy. Even so, a lot of questions are not resolved yet, and we will try to shed light on some of them. It is because of these reasons that we organize this workshop, where the study of their biostratigraphy, palaeoecology, taphonomy, taxonomy, their assemblages, or the study of the sites where they are dominant, are welcome.

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