Moderators:  Emilia Jarochowska1 and Christopher Dean2

1GeoZentrum Nordbayern, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany

2Imperial College London, UK

The fossil record holds the key to ecological and evolutionary questions of the present and the future. Exploiting this potential fully requires (palaeo)biologists to work across disciplines such as sequence stratigraphy, mathematical modelling, geochemistry or palaeoclimatology to account for all processes shaping the fossil record. Thanks to the development of the field of stratigraphic palaeobiology, researchers have grown aware of this necessity, but solutions and approaches developed in the last few years are not yet widely known and adopted. In this workshop, we aim at bringing together palaeobiologists developing approaches that allow disentangling the influence of geological processes and biological information. The purpose is to compile a toolbox which could be applied to typical study designs in fields such as palaeoecology, phylogenetics, morphology, or biostratigraphy. We hope that these analytical approaches can become routine in all studies employing fossil data and be incorporated in the curricula of palaeobiological studies. Moreover, the workshop should stimulate a discussion on where new approaches, taking geological processes into account, are most urgently needed in palaeobiology and how these problems can be approached methodologically.

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