Dra. Rosalía Guerrero-Arenas1, Dr. Eduardo Jiménez-Hidalgo1

Laboratorio de Paleobiología, campus Puerto Escondido, Universidad del Mar. Oaxaca, México.


This thematic sessionwill include all the topics concerning Paleontology and its impact in the education at all scholar levels, as well as the influence of this science in society. ­

Topics of Paleontology in Education can include strategies for a better understanding of paleontological processes in formal and informal education, experiences of students or instructors regarding class time, improvement of teaching/learning strategies, or designing of teaching material. Experiences of teaching Paleontology to minorities or persons with disabilities can be part of the session.

Topics of Paleontology and Society can include conservation of paleontological resources, perception of society of fossil sites or specimens, importance of fossils in certain cultures, or efforts of social groups or people to save fossiliferous sites or to create communal fossil-collections.