The authors will have three possibilities of presentation:

1- Slides presentation :

Authors are encouraged to prepare a presentation in PowerPoint or PDF. Slides will be displayed directly in the website along the entire congress, and can be prepared exactly in the same way as for any traditional conference. The maximum number of slides in the presentation is 30.

Please, make the PowerPoint or PDf as simple as possible (without animations) and remember to include all the text necessary to make it accesible to all the participants. Otherwise, send us a separate word document with the explanation slide by slide so we could upload it with your presentation in our website.

2- Video Presentations:

Besides their active participation within the forum, authors are also encouraged to submit video presentations. If you are interested in submitting, please contact the organizing committee to get to know more about the procedure. This is an unique way of presenting your work and discuss it with peers from all over the world.

3- Presentation of Posters:

Posters will be available on this conference website during and after the event. Like works presented on the conference, participants will be able to ask questions and make comments about the posters. Posters should be submitted in PDF format.



If you have any doubt, go to the “how it works sections” or contact the organisers.


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