In this section, we will answer any doubt you encounter during this virtual congress, from how to upload a power point presentation to how to register and log in into the sessions.

Of course, this section will be constantly updated in order to solve the most commons doubts and problems the participants could have. We know that this format is completely new in our field, but from the organizing committee we are working to make your experience as simple an intuitive as possible.

  • How do I create a slideshare account?

  • How to upload a PowerPoint presentation to Slideshare

  • How do I record my presentation?

The following tutorial explains how to record a video in which the image is what is shown on your computer screen and the audio is recorded while you speak. In this manner, you can get a video of your powerpoint presentation that includes your own voice explaining the subject.

Once you have your video ready it should be send to the Organising Committee via-email ( or via WeTransfer (same email). After we receive it, we will uploaded to our YouTube channel. The video will be hidden for all YouTube viewers with the exception of participants registered in the 1st  Palaeontological Virtual Congress, for whom it will be accessible. After the 15th  of December all videos will be removed from the channel. YouTube admits a wide variety of formats, however, we strongly recommend using the MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI and WMV formats.

PalaeoVC test