Due to the questions raised regarding the ownership and rights of the communications that will be uploaded to the online platform, we inform you that:

  • All of the communications rights are owned by the authors and no one else. After the congress is finished, all of them will be erased from our data bases and the online platform.
  • Downloading the content is strictly prohibited. Please respect the work of your colleagues.
  • Accessibility to the contents is only possible by congress inscription. Without a Username and password it is impossible to access the communications.
  • The following icons may be included on presentations:








and express that take records and pictures are prohibited and no result should be posted on any social media networks or blogs-device settings.

  • All of our information is regulated by a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

Except logos of the sponsors, abstracts or any information of third part, in these case are all right reserved by their authors.

We hope that with these points all the questions are solved. Please let us know any other issue.

Thank you, everyone.

Best regards.

Organizing committee of 1st Palaeontology Virtual Congress

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