How to create a SlideShare account 

If you have a Linkedin account, you do not need to create a new account, you only need to go the “application section” and click in SlideShare

1. If you do not have a Linkedin account, you will need to create an account. So first, google and click on Log In.

2.  Click on the Linkedin button to create your account and follow the process to create and accountYou only need to fill the gaps with the information askedLinkedin will send you and email with a PIN code that you will need to enter in the Linkedin page to finish the process. 

How to upload a PowerPoint presentation in SlideShare

1. Log into your SlideShare account and go to the upload sectionThere will appear and icon were you will be able to see all the information of your  accountuploaded files, commentsyour profile…. 

2. Click on the Upload button and drag or select the flies you want to uploadIt is also possible to upload files from the cloud.

3. Once your presentation has finished uploading, you can start filing the different fields: name, description, category, privacy and keywords. It is important that in the privacy menu, you select the limited option. This way, only people with the link will be able to see your presentation. Afterwards, you should click on the publish button.

4. Once the powerpoint has been uploaded, go to your personal area. There, you will be able to see, edit and change the privacy of your uploaded documents. In order to be able to upload your powerpoint in the website, it needs to have specific privacy settings

5. In privacy settings, you should check some options to limit the number of people allowed to see your files. First:

  • Visibility: select private
  • Who can see my SlideShare: mark the option Anybody who has the link
  • Allow download: mark no.
  • Allow to insert: mark In any place

Once you finish setting all this options, click on the Upgrade button.

6. After editong the privacy settings, go back to the powerpoint and click on the Share button. A new menu will appear. Below Insert, there will appear a code that you need to copy and send to the Organising Committee.

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