Moderators: Jackez Szwedo1 and Dany Azar2

1Uniwersytet Gdański, Poland

2Lebanese University

Information is now the most precious commodity. Scientific information, scientific names, data on specimens and localities, is part of our heritage, but is often neglected. Taxonomy is in retreat, no longer funded, not recognized as part of human heritage as the ‘backbone’ of many other activities. Nevertheless, palaeoentomological descriptive papers are now flooding the journals, due to thousands of new finds from mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber and other fossil insects deposits. Some papers are presented in printed form, some in e-journals, some citations of names not being formally established nor registered in ZooBank with conflicting dates, etc. The latest changes to the ICZN solved some problems, but created new ones. These need to be identified and solutions proposed. Another challenge concerns databases, their content, taxonomic validity of decisions proposed therein, and the databasing of thousands of names of fossil insects, references, associated geological, geographical and palaeoenvironmental data, etc. The main goal of this workshop will be to point out the problems in palaeoentomological taxonomy, discuss them and search for solutions, discuss the new ways to share information, and efficiently update the available databases.

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