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This edition, we have five thematic sessions. Go to the Sessions section of our website or click in the links below to check on them:

Evolution and paleobiodiversity in Neogene and Quaternary Island

Fossil insects, their record and evolution

Palynology as a tool in stratigraphic and paleonvironmental research: advances and perspectives

PalaeoVC Early career session

Paleontology in education and society

A part from those thematic sessions, the Organising Committe will offer other four sessiosn: Palaeozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic and General Palaeontology.

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1st Palaentological Virtual Congress Series

Great news everyone! 

The special volumen for the works of the previous virtual congress are finally published.

Go to Palaeontological Electronica to see them, or click in the links below to see each work:

  • Ríos and Morales. 2019. A new skull of Decennatherium rex Ríos, Sánchez and Morales, 2017 from Batallones-4 (upper Vallesian, MN10, Madrid, Spain)
  • García-Morato et al. 2019. Rolling bones: A preliminar study of micromammal abrasion of different initial taphonomic stages.
  • Costa-Pérez et al. 2019. Studying bipedal trackways using geometric morphometrics.

The Organissing Committe want to express the gratitude towards Palaeontologia Electronica for the opportunity to publish these works in their journal.